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3 Workshops

Becoming a Burden

4 Key Strategies
to Reduce the

Learn how to


1) Be Proactive

Take key steps now to assure smooth changes ahead. Ultimately, you will need to deal with the issues of aging, including downsizing and giving up driving. Get started early and take charge of your future.

2) Spread the Loss

The temptation is to shove these big problems of aging to the bottom of an already full to-do list. However, if you challenge them in bits and pieces, you gain control and spread out feelings of loss to more manageable proportions. Ignoring these big problems will definitely make you a burden if someone else has to solve them on your behalf.

3) Build a Legacy

“When I’m gone will I be remembered?” You can be remembered as well as support now and in the future the things and loved ones you believe in. Be assured that what can be done has been and not left undone.

4) Refocus the Discussion

The changes that aging brings are not your fault. Refocus and reframe the discussion of aging. Learn 5 keys to making the future actually look and feel more manageable.

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Your engaging, joy filled, and meaningful retirement is our goal. 

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