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Where are your parents?

Help Your Family Meet the
Challenges of Aging

Introduction for
Adult Children 45+

Introduction for
Parents 65+

Lesson 1

Why parents want their adult children to take this course.

Lesson 1 web pic.png
Lesson 2 web pic.png

Lesson 2

Why adult children want their parents

 to take this course.

Lesson 3

Who can you trust? What shall you ask?


Lesson 4

The BIG Loss

Just how fast can you move anyway?

Lesson 5

Driving it home—

or not?

car keys pexels-negative-space-97079 Day 1 2 copy 2.png
Story Time

Lesson 6

Tell me a story

Lesson 7

Looking at the

other side

Nature Reflecting on Crystal Glass

Lesson 8

Living at home—


Lesson 9

Five tips for starting the conversation

start the conversation.png
Unwrapping Gift Box

Lesson 10

Wrap up

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