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Ed Zinkiewicz

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Join financial advisor Bryan De Cuir and me as we interview 3 experts about transportation alternatives for older adults. Just what will you do when you have to give up the car keys for good?

Bryan De Cuir

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Mark Cleveland: CEO and co-founder of the Hytch Rewards, a mobility incentive platform that’s helping communities—and the planet. Mark will help us understand how this program can motivate and measure a safer, greener, and smarter commute.

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Lynn Blake: VP of Mobility with PSA North America, producers of Peugeot, Citroen, and more. Lynn leads the strategic development of the Free2Move mobility brand. She will tell us about the exciting prototype project underway now.

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Ed Cole: Middle Tennessee Commissioner on the Tennessee Commission on Aging and Disabilities and the Tennessee Governor’s appointee for Davidson County on the Regional Transportation Authority.  Ed served as the founding Board chair for Senior Ride Nashville and will tell us how this program fosters a community that connects and empowers older adults.

Aging Gracefully Means

Overcoming Some Surprises

Like Giving Up the Keys

You don't have to lose control over getting where you want to go. Keys or not, you are still in charge.

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