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2 Video Sets

  • Video Set 1

    Kickstart Your Retirement: Think about the realities coming.
    Valid for 3 months
    • Welcome: Thinking about what's next
    • 18 Benefits at stake when you leave work behind
    • Facing the reality of how long retirement will last
    • Strategies for filling the hole where your work used be
    • Sticker shock & other surprises of growing up
    • Bonus: Avoid Being Old
  • Video Set 2

    Videos to challenge your expectations and plan new ones.
    Valid for 3 months
    • Bingo will get old before you do & other false expectations
    • False starts: Paths to avoid when starting retirement
    • Our parent's retirement: Older retirement plans challenge us
    • Our parent's retirement: Boomers change things. Again!
    • Following the stars: How a look at YOU can start your plans
    • Strengths & drivers: How to find what propels your life
    • Bonus: Cut yourself some slack; how to start that project
Your engaging, joy filled, and meaningful retirement is our goal.
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