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Dr. Kelly Jackson King Offers Peace of Mind

Updated: Jan 10

Dr. Kelly Jackson King is a physician, mother, wife, and entrepreneur who provides affordable and accessible access to estate planning and legal services. Her dream is that each generation becomes stronger because of the values, principles, and wealth that the previous generation offers to the next generation.

Today she is going to introduce us to the idea of an Estate plan. Come and join us. She not only gives us an overview of what an estate plan entails, I was particularly pleased that the legal services she advocates are affordable, that you don’t need a mansion to have an estate plan, and that you start planning early.

Do you know what a will, living will, health care power of attorney and financial power of attorney do? Now’s you chance to find out. It’s your 20 minute kickstart to a compelling idea: estate planning.

SHEET_LS_1995D_050918_FORM - Legal Shield
Download PDF • 363KB

Click on this link to check out the LegalShield description that Dr. Kelly wanted to share with you.

Ed Zinkiewicz

Your Aging-in-Life Strategist


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