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What If All You Had to Stay at Home Was Right There in Front of You?

Updated: Aug 20, 2021


Did you run out? Maybe you don’t need it.

I borrowed this tip from Blair Braverman. Blair spends his time dogsledding in the wilderness. Few human beings on the planet are more challenged to cope than these folks who brave the wilderness under extreme conditions.

He tells a story about being caught in the a downpour without a tarp or slicker. He has become practiced at coping. So he says to himself, “I don’t need it.” For him it was simple. The things he did have were what was going to get him home—not what he didn’t have.

I had to learn this. Over and over again while trying to practice the COVID social distancing, my wife would remind me that many things were optional, not necessary. My usual practice was to pop in the car and head to the store when we ran out of something. She helped me be more mindful of what we have, which was basically all we needed, if not all we wanted.

I wish you well during this crisis. I’m writing this in early April and I can't know how things will look when it is published. But whether we are still experiencing scarcity or not, it is still a good practice to remember: It is what you have that’s going to get you home.

Stay well out there. Until next time.

Mind you, I’m going to that store across town when this is over and get my favorite salsa!

Ed Zinkiewicz

...the retired guy

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