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Honor Thy Father and Mother as They Age

Updated: Sep 3, 2022

October 10—22, 2022

November 28—December 10, 2022

Older adults dread the day when they have to turn in the car keys, acknowledge their infirmity, or leave a family home behind. They don’t want to become a burden on their children or others. All of these transitions may be happening to your parents. Right now.

No one can hide from aging—not your parents and not you — but you can plan for it. You can tackle aging as you’ve done with other challenges in your life and get through it with less fear and more hope.

You will leave this course with things to do, topics to discuss with your family, help for starting those discussions, and ways to build a supportive community for you and with your parents.

How will you honor your father and mother? Discover challenges ahead, consider strategies, and plan immediate steps. Click the following button to go to the registration page. Let’s get started.

Ed Zinkiewicz,

...the retired guy

p.s. This is a two-week, highly interactive course. I've prepared videos for each weekday and discussion topics for you to comment on and, if you wish, discuss with me and other participants. You can watch the videos and respond at a time convenient to you. It will take you about an hour a day. Each Saturday there will be an optional Zoom session so we can interact. Only $90.

Honor They Father and Mother as They Age is offered on the learning platform; they use BlackBoard software to host courses. BeADisciple is a community of people who are invested in becoming better Christian disciples. is one of several programs of the Richard and Julia Wilke Institute for Discipleship at Southwestern College, a United Methodist institution in Winfield, Kansas.

You can use many web-enabled devices for this course; tablets and phones may require an app download. While most browsers work with the BlackBoard application, if you have technical issues with the software once a course begins, you may email for help.


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