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3 Unconventional Approaches to Meet the Unexpected with Their Pros and Cons

Updated: Aug 20, 2021

The Unexpected—A Saucer Tale

This story starts in Manchester, England. My wife and I were waiting for our flight home after a lovely holiday.

I picked up my cup. I found a saucer.

Now, I know that may not be a surprise to most folks used to cups and saucers. But this one was exceptional. The hole where my cup sat was off-center. The cup-shaped circular depression wasn’t in the middle where it was supposed to be. It didn’t fit my preconceptions about the way the cup and saucer universe is supposed to be. Cups go on saucers where the nicely centered indentation provides a home.

What do you do when things in your universe take a turn?

I told my wife.

Like many other novelties, we were at first amused. But I took a look at the tea bag that she had on her saucer and found that the longer edge of the saucer allowed it much more room. It would more likely not fall off as I have seen other teabags do. The cookie on my plate fit better, as well. I was glad for a design that would keep it from falling off.

All in all, the change seemed practical.

Our conversation then wandered to other novelties that we had seen.

At one lunch, for example, my son-in-law, his niece, my grandson, and I ordered “chips” with our lunch.

And we got the English version. We were surprised instead with so many French fries that even with the help of my wife and daughter, we could not eat them all. Besides, we probably didn’t need to eat that many fries. It turns out that if you want potato chips in England, you need to order “crisps.”