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1 Brave Step to Work Your Way Out of Loss

Updated: Sep 21, 2021

Remember Your Wins

Ever get stuck in a morass where you can’t seem to get any traction to move forward? Here’s a lovely picture I’ve found that seems to show what the place looks like right down to the swampy undergrowth.

Look closely at the 4th tree back on the right on one of the roots and you could find that brass plate with my name on it. I'm a frequent visitor to this place.

Feelings of inadequacy and frustration, of being lost and struggling often come along as we’re working our way through big changes in our lives.

Retirement is a prime example. Retirement can bring dislocation and loss and, for many, these feelings have to be slogged through before we can find firmer ground.

One very positive thing you can do is to think back to identify other situations in your life where you’ve dealt with similar feelings. I’m sure you’ve experienced loss before. What did you do that time?

One good thing about retirement is that most of us do it after we’ve had a life full of wins for situations just like this. And, even if we didn’t exactly win, we have gained experience to know what not to try. That in itself may help this time around; I count that as a win.

So, look back. Where has your life journey taken you completely through a swamp to the side with dry ground? Hold on to that. Things can look different around the corner.

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