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Do you know how to age with attitude?

Exercise Machine

I’ve often ended a presentation with the following thoughts: I’m going to go out kicking and screaming even if I can’t kick and scream any more.

Why do I say that? Because I believe an edge of defiance is needed to meet the challenges of aging. In his TED talk about the 4 phases of retirement, Dr. Riley Moynes speaks well about “squeezing all the juice” you can out of retirement. It seems to me that notion has a touch of defiance, as well.

I think a double-load of persistence is also needed to get through some of the hard stuff. One of the retirement surprises I often write about is aging takes time. Half of what that means is that there comes a point when we have to spend more time working at agility, flexibility, balance, and endurance—needed tools that help get through our days. Besides, working on those tools is your means of kicking and screaming. Your spending time on your aging.

I saw a man in the gym this morning. He was working diligently on an exercise machine. The doctor has given him six months to live. Would you go and exercise if you faced what he is facing? I can’t tell what’s going on in his head while he’s doing this, but I really appreciate what he’s demonstrating. I think he’s got the right attitude about aging. He’s become a role model for me.

Go for it. Life is too short. Spit in death’s eye.

Ed Zinkiewicz

Your Aging-in-Life Strategist


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