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Matt Paxton on Downsizing

Are you downsizing? Is your stuff becoming a burden? Do you have to move?

Join me as I interview Matt Paxton, author of Keep the Memories, Lose the Stuff. Matt Paxton is one of America’s top downsizing and hoarding experts and a thirteen-year veteran of A&E’s Emmy-nominated show, Legacy List with Matt Paxton, in its 4th season as of this writing.

Matt will tell us his secret to surviving downsizing and share what his readers value about his advice. If you or a loved one is about to embark on a downsizing effort, now is the time to start getting ideas. If it took you decades to accumulate everything, it might take you a minute to get rid of much of it—time to get started.

Ed Zinkiewicz

Your Aging-in-Life Strategist


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