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A Silent Bookclub May Be Your Answer for More Reading, Less Talking, and NO Extra Deadlines

Updated: Aug 20, 2021


Do you like reading but hate book club assignments? Start a silent book club.

Silent book club is just as it sounds: Sit with your friends. Read what you want. Be quiet. Quit after an hour.

Touted for introverts because participants don’t have to talk to each other, the truth of the matter is that many of us don’t want yet another assignment like “Read that book.” With a silent book club, members are under no pressure to read a certain book, report on it, ask questions about it. All that is required is like reading or at least be willing to take on the challenge.

In one of the 40 or so chapters around the country, you will find some book club members meeting ahead or staying after to take the opportunity to chat. Even then they are not obligated to talk about “that book.” They talk about anything. So you have an option to speak up or not.

Guinevere de la Mare, who co-founded the organization with Laura Gluhanich touts several other advantages, as well, such as you are under no obligation to fix snacks or sweep your house. They called their club the “Introvert Happy Hour.”

Whatever you call it, give it a try. Co-mingling to do what you love can be good for you.

Ed Zinkiewicz

...the retired guy

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