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Making a Donation Is Not the Only Way of Showing Support

Updated: Aug 20, 2021


Have you reached your limit in what money you can donate? Start buy-cotting.

Say what? I’m sure you’ve heard the word boycott. That’s where you stop spending money on something or someone, a store or cause of some sort because you don’t appreciate their practices or beliefs.

Kerry Hannon, the retirement job expert says that a buy-cott is just the opposite. You start spending money on something or someone because you do appreciate their practices or beliefs. For example, we started buying coffee from an acquaintance of ours because we know that the money will go directly to their family members who grow the coffee in Honduras. I’m going to buy coffee. Why not buy it from the farmers directly?

My daughter used a variation on this theme in the recession of 2008. Her family was going to eat out. They couldn’t support every restaurant through the difficult period. But they could eat more often at a select list of local restaurants they wanted to be sure survived the economic downturn.

Don’t give up donating. But do consider how your money is spent and where.

What are you supporting with your spending habits? Drop me a note below so I can hear about what you’re doing.

Ed Zinkiewicz

...the retired guy

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