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Looking Back, Looking Forward

The Importance of Reflection

Ed Zinkiewicz

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Join retirement coach Ed Zinkiewicz and financial advisor Bryan De Cuir as they host best-selling author and trainer Susan Ragsdale in a workshop on reflection. As we age, we have a choices. We can grow or not. We can meet the challenges or surrender. We can be crushed by change or decide which way we’ll go. Reflection makes the difference. How?

Bryan De Cuir


We all know that reflection stimulates learning, increases awareness, and furthers personal growth. But did you know that reflection can also help you meet challenges, increase gratitude, and clarify values? Come and watch Susan work with a group of volunteers through some exercises that illustrate just how reflection leads to achieving a variety of goals. You’ll have opportunity to work on your own responses at the same time! Learn reflection by reflecting. You got this!

Our Facilitator: Susan Ragsdale

Susan Ragsdale is the author of Great Group Leaders: 60 Activities to Ignite Identity, Voice, Power, & Purpose and co-author of eleven other titles, including best-seller Great Group Games: 175 Boredom-Busting, Zero-Prep Team Builders for All Ages. She is also nationally recognized in her field of positive development and the Founder/Managing Partner of Write Creations Group, LLC.

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Through Write Creations Group, LLC, her team works to influence how educators, youth workers, and facilitators engage with youth and adults. They strongly believe how you craft the experience matters. Engaging others should be fun, experiential, relevant, and involve discovery.


“Play, live, lead with purpose” is their mantra and guides all they do.

The Volunteers

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Katie Burke: Reflection is a tool I use in my work to help our associates connect to our mission, ministry identity and values; this helps us navigate organizational change and build community. When we reflect on our experience, we are able to connect to our values and discover meaning. This increases our resiliency, i.e., our ability to respond constructively to change. Reflection is a powerful tool for anyone seeking to respond resiliently to change.


Kay Gray: As a retired Doctor of Theology and Spiritual Direction, I am currently active in a Covenant Group that promises faithful practice of compassion, devotional life, justice, and worship. Reflection enables our accountability! Being with my teenage grandson, reading, playing bridge, and a variety of Zoom gatherings complement my covenant and bring me pleasure.

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Nick Sager: There's a big difference between information and insight, this is especially true in my realm of analytics and data presentation. Information is facts & figures, like bullet points on the page, but insight, knowing what to do with that information and when to do it comes from reflection and analysis. I believe reflection is our bridge to purpose, insight, and meaningful action.


Mary Dunn: When adults are not progressing on their chosen career paths due to learning disabilities, language barriers, or behavioral health issues, reflection is the key to determining the initial course of action to take. Continuous reflection along the hybrid tutoring-coaching path allows me to course-correct, ensuring the most effective instruction for my clients.


Nolen Tuttle: In my experience, reflection precedes growth. I use self-reflection as a tool to gain insight into the "why" behind my behavior patterns. The understanding that follows allows me to seek intentional growth as a person. Professionally, I use reflection to assess how companies have functioned in the past, utilizing lessons learned as I champion operational change for my clients.


Cristina Guerrero: Reflection gives the brain an opportunity to pause, untangle and sort through observations and experiences, consider interpretations, and create meaning.  This meaning becomes the catalyst for change and improvement.  Working with my clients to uncover the meanings they have attached to certain events through careful reflection have been pivotal in improving their lives.

Aging Gracefully Means

Making Some of the Biggest

Decisions of Your Life

Want to learn more about decision-making? Here is a video that will give you a start.

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