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Want to lose weight again this year?

Updated: Dec 29, 2021

New Year's resolutions time? Again?

Here is a tip worth spreading around: Try to build action plans into your resolutions.

Did you tip the scale at a horrifying number this morning? Do you feel less able and tired too often? What to do? Most of us would make resolutions: I need to lose weight. Or, I need to exercise more.

In her book Small Move, Big Change, Caroline Arnold, technology leader on Wall Street, suggests that you have to break things into manageable chunks. She says we often make resolutions so big they are hard to envision and achieve. Besides, we haven’t thought through what is needed to make the resolution work.

So, let’s go with exercise more. What would help? Back when I was working I decided to walk more. I started by walking around the parking lot at lunch. Every week or so I would add to the effort. So, in a couple of months I was walking a mile at lunch.

My action plan was to walk a little more as time went on.

Because I was never taking an unmanageable amount, I was able to build up the routine. Build action plans that start small but can grow into your resolutions.

What have you done to make successful resolutions? Write a comment or drop me an email.

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